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How to Prepare Your Business and Retain Clients During the COVID-19 Crisis

This year will become a significant part of history as one of the most challenging for citizens across the globe.

As we enter yet another week of self-isolation, businesses remain anxious and uncertain. United in an attempt to “Flatten The Curve,” it is evident, as citizens, we must take all the precautions indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) such as working from home, social distancing, refraining from gathering in large groups and much more.

So what does this mean for anxious and uncertain employers? Unfortunately, businesses, local bars and restaurants, and retail stores are experiencing unprecedented shaky ground as households practice distancing at a massive level and reevaluate financial security in times of economic crisis. It may feel as though both personal and professional gatherings are nothing short of a distant memory. However, there is a chance it is only the beginning. While we remain hopeful at home with our immediate loved ones and utilize technology to connect with coworkers, employers, friends, and family, it is the market that continues to suffer the consequences that go beyond a severe problem of public health.

As the government attempts to find solutions to avoid a collapse in the world economy, many companies are cutting their budgets and seeking economic opportunities to continue providing services and supplying products to the masses. It comes as no surprise that marketing budgets are an “easy target” for companies looking to make quick and essential cuts. However, a decrease in marketing activity is a short-term solution that will inevitably have serious long-term consequences. Visibility in the market is critical to maintaining profitability during a global crisis. Hence, the focus should be on improving and expanding the digital strategy to accommodate the current landscape and transform the primary source of lead generation and conversion.

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is rapidly changing the way of consumption and accelerating the evolution of the digital market worldwide. Companies that prepare to satisfy this demand have already taken the lead.

While companies navigate how to streamline operations, consumers also begin to look more carefully at their budgets and opt for careful consideration when making a purchase decision. At this moment in time, consumers do not desire to lose money, but rather, invest in products from companies they can trust.

Short-term survival is the utmost priority, but for brands to thrive long term, it is crucial to review digital transformation plans and increase digital infrastructure to achieve the position of best online consumer options in the market.

The main advantage of digital marketing is that it is measurable while providing social distancing capabilities. Marketers can get a fast and useful picture of their return on investment (ROI) and hone in on activities that generate quality leads and at what cost. It is certainly time to revisit the corporate website and ensure that your company is well presented, in addition to taking a closer look at online social media presence and search engine rank.

It is critical to work with intelligence and be prepared to face future challenges firsthand. Explore our three tips on how to prepare your digital marketing operation to handle a pandemic, such as COVID-19 and all other disruptions.

1. Nurture Relationships With Loyal Customers

It is always cheaper to retain an existing customer database than to acquire new ones. As a business, it is best to create or intensify communication channels with active customers. By doing this, you will not fall into oblivion, and you will not be in danger of being exchanged for another brand with higher performance on digital platforms.

Further, prioritize personalized and contextualized messages to existing customers who are likely eager and committed to receiving updates. It is essential to keep in touch with customers through social channels (SMM), search engines (SEM/SEO), and website content.

Invest in social media as this is where your customers spend most of their time – especially in this season of self-isolation where screen time is on the rise, not only for talking to the family, but also discussing their purchasing decisions, and researching products and brands. Create an effective plan to reach customers across the social media funnel, use tools to hear what your customers are saying, and learn more about your market.

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a quick alternative to keep social media channels active and efficient since you need to continue to research the market and dedicate yourself to your business.

2. Digital and Social Media Investment

With the restrictions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), consumer exposure to traditional media has reduced to zero. On the other hand, time dedicated to digital media has exploded, a change in behaviour that will change consumer consumption for years to come.

Users who have yet to engage in online shopping are forcibly getting to know different types of services and solving many of their buying needs remotely. Hence, the brand that thrives and is exposed consistently online will have the most success. Brand awareness must be top of mind to achieve visibility, which means directing visitors to your website to make those critical sales.

Digital marketing and strategy experts can explore inexpensive techniques and tools that will keep your brand visible to potential customers.

3. Prioritize Conversion and Engagement Objectives

The best KPI for a marketing action is conversion. What counts is the return that all your communication effort has generated for the company. Executing low-cost, high-impact digital marketing techniques that focus on optimizing the conversion rate is crucial for your business.

It is proven effective to keep an eye on the engagement rate of your social media, and this goes far beyond the number of followers or likes in a post. Engagement is involvement, interaction, and the relationship that people have with the brand. Measuring your social media engagement will help you know if your social media investment is paying off or not. It is worth engaging with your customers during difficult times to establish trust and transparency. This effort to spend time and host a meaningful conversation will ensure client needs are met.

If you fail to track conversions and engagement, it is difficult to comprehend what piece of the strategy is working well and what requires a change to achieve company goals.

If your company has an online presence, with a strategy aligned with these three components, it is time to follow the results carefully and be aware of small changes. This kind of action will help you to improve your results quickly. On the other hand, if your online strategy does not address the points above, it is time to rethink your objective and contributing processes and make the changes right away.

For more information on digital media efforts during an unprecedented crisis, and to better understand the importance of digital marketing strategies, contact a digital marketing expert today. Get informed and be prepared to tackle obstacles that can compromise business development and preexisting success.

Stay safe while we “Flatten The Curve” and do your part to ensure longterm security for your business, brand, friends and loved ones.

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