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Andre Havro is a recognized pioneer in the digital world, known for his significant impact on marketing, branding, and digital strategies. Over a career spanning nearly three decades, Andre has been committed to enhancing the reputations, revenues, and social impact of individuals and brands.

An internet trailblazer, Andre's expertise extends beyond traditional marketing to include a deep understanding of digital and unconventional strategies. His unique approach has consistently placed him at the forefront of digital communications since the early days of dial-up internet.

In 1996, he founded one of Brazil's first digital marketing agencies, demonstrating his foresight and entrepreneurial spirit. He co-founded AETI, a non-governmental organization focused on the development of digital and email marketing in Brazil, making a significant contribution to the professional development of digital companies in the late '90s.

He has held key executive roles in the marketing departments of various corporations, including GAMA Italy and Sony Electronics. In his book "Email Marketing Strategy Domination," he shares his expertise and provides valuable insights and experiences that help others overcome the learning curve, broadening his impact in the digital industry.

His leadership in digital communications has earned him numerous honors, including five iBest Awards, the 2nd place in the national ranking of the best agencies in Brazil, and a position as a columnist for the Digital Agency Network from 2018 to 2020, where he shared essential insights and trends for digital marketing strategies.

Through his roles with the Digital Agency Network and MentorCruise, Andre has played a crucial part in shaping the digital marketing landscape. His ongoing involvement in these organizations reflects a steadfast commitment to the evolution and success of the digital marketing industry from the '90s to the present day.

Andre Havro
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