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Hello! I'm

Andre Havro


I've been deeply involved in the marketing world since the 1990s, wearing the hats of an advisor, teacher, and author.

With over two decades of expertise, I established one of Brazil's first digital marketing agencies in 1996, marking a foundational moment in the evolution of the digital landscape. My contributions have meaningfully shaped marketing, branding, and digital strategy practices, garnering recognition for both innovation and deep industry experience.

Today, my mission is to assist CEOs, business owners, and students in developing and implementing intelligent, innovative, and effective marketing strategies. I aim to empower them to lead clearly and confidently, ensuring they achieve profitable results, even in constant change.

My experience as an Internet pioneer extends beyond traditional marketing, embracing the complexities of digital and innovative strategies. This unique perspective has kept me at the forefront of digital communication since the early days of dial-up Internet.

Throughout my career, I've assumed key executive roles in the marketing divisions of several multinationals, including GAMA Italy and Sony Electronics. My leadership in digital communication has been recognized with several awards. I've received three iBest awards, one of the most prestigious in the Brazilian industry. I also secured 2nd place in the national ranking of Brazil's best digital marketing agencies and earned three AETI Awards, among others. I was named Outstanding Performance Professional at Sony Electronics for two consecutive years.

My passion for sharing knowledge and fostering the development of future digital marketing professionals is evident in my teaching, writing, and mentoring. I serve as a columnist for the Digital Agency Network and a mentor at ADPList and MentorCruise, pivotal roles in shaping the digital marketing landscape.

My dedication to the growth and success of the digital marketing industry has been unwavering for more than two decades.

Honors & Awards


  • Outstanding Employee at Sony Electronics for two years (2010, 2011).

  • Best student of the year at CEDEPE Business School - TOP MBA Award (2011).

  • SONY CPG Award - Best Project of the Year for Sony Audio (2009)

  • Winner of the three iBest Awards. (1998 - 2002).

  • 2nd place in the national ranking of the best agencies in Brazil (2002).

Andre was a regular prize winner in Sony Brasil as he has constantly achieve goals in sales team. His dedication and contribution made Sony Brasil to grow sales twice in 3 years.
Andre led sales team with passion, intelligence and challenger's spirit to strive for big goals. I wish Andre taking numerous leading position in Sales/Marketing field as well as management.

Ryuji(Ron) Tsutsui

President Sony Brasil,

2009 - 2012

Andre is an immensely talented digital marketer and a great team player. His willingness to immerse himself in new markets, verticals and lines of business was a great example to set for the broader team and the results he has achieved are a testament to those efforts. 
Andre is extremely positive and brings a can-do attitude to each and every project and as such sets the example for his team to follow.

Stephen Coakley

Head of Marketing

at Resulta

Andre Havro is a versatile and impressive professional. His work in marketing and communication is enhanced by an expertise in digital communication projects, which takes his planning management beyond what is expected from traditional concepts in the field. Two characteristics are evident in his daily professional life: organization and know-how. It is excellent to work with someone who is always seeking applied knowledge and values a good workflow.

Fernando Holanda

Secretary‑General and International Affairs Advisor

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