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A Step-by-Step Coursebook to Master Email Marketing

How to create an email strategy that engages your community, boosts profits, and turns website visitors into lifetime ROI.

By Andre Havro

Distributed worldwide.


Email Marketing

in the Digital Age

In an era where social networks dictate the reach of your audience, Google's algorithms control your website traffic, and privacy regulations challenge paid media strategies, Email Marketing Strategy Domination stands out as an indispensable guide. 

This book is more than just a collection of tactics; it's a comprehensive strategic plan designed to navigate the unpredictable digital marketing terrain. It equips marketers, entrepreneurs, and students with the necessary skills to conduct competitive analysis, choose powerful email marketing tools, and launch campaigns that transform one-time visitors into long-term assets.

Your Community

Learn innovative techniques for growing an organic email list and engaging your audience through gamification and powerful lead magnets.

Master the art of segmenting your audience and personalizing content to skyrocket engagement using behavioral triggers and dynamic content.

Engagement and Personalization

Delve into the significance of email design and learn the efficiencies of email marketing automation to keep your strategy sharp and scalable.

and Automation

Who is it for?

Email Marketing Strategy Domination is tailored for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are eager to refine their email marketing strategies. It's an essential read for those looking to enhance their digital marketing toolkit, from startups to seasoned enterprises seeking to maximize their email marketing ROI.

Additionally, marketing students and academics will find the book's in-depth analysis and case studies to be a valuable addition to their learning resources. If you're determined to transform website visitors into a committed and profitable community, this book is your roadmap.

About the Author

Andre Havro emerges as a visionary force in the digital realm, with a distinguished career that has profoundly influenced marketing and brand strategies. His pioneering approach has propelled individuals and brands to new heights in reputation, revenue, and social influence.


His book distills this wealth of knowledge, offering readers a robust foundation in digital marketing, underscored by a legacy of leadership and acclaimed accolades within the industry.

Raoni Neumann

Director of Burger King - Restaurant Brands Int. (USA)

The knowledge I gained while working with Andre will undoubtedly play a strategic role in my career development. Andre is an outstanding professional known for his innovative ideas and exceptional ability to impart knowledge.

​Stephen Coakley

​Head of Global Marketing at (Canada)

​Andre is a highly talented digital marketer and a great team player. His attention to detail and project mgmt skills are second to none.
Andre is extremely positive and brings a can-do attitude to every project, setting an example for his team to follow.

Ryuji (Ron) Tsutsui

President of Sony Brazil
from 2009 to 2012 (Brazil)

Andre was a regular prize winner in Sony as he has constantly achieved goals in the marketing team. His dedication and contribution made Sony Brazil grow sales twice in 3 years. Andre led the sales team with passion, intelligence, and a challenger's spirit to strive for big goals.

​Ian Keleher

​Director of Sales & Client Eng. at Brand&Mortar (Canada)

​Andre is an engaged and intelligent marketing professional. He possesses a love for collaboration and provides a welcoming environment for teamwork. I would gladly work with Andre on any future projects.

Jillian Robinson

Director, Global Comm. and Events at Dash Hudson (USA)

Andre and I worked side-by-side. He brought exceptional digital marketing leadership and experience to our team and was always willing to take the time to support his teammates. His work's speed and quality consistently blew me away.

Product Mgmt, Comm. & Training at (Spain)

​Through Andre's guidance, we created a multiple-platform approach to our marketing using a variety of avenues with positive results. He curated our approach, strategy, and content to keep our audience engaged while ensuring we were planning for the future.
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