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Two of Canada's biggest icons have joined forces in a collab

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This week, two great Canadian icons revealed a collaboration that's been buzzing. I confess, my first impression was that Tim Hortons was going in the wrong direction choosing the former controversial Justin Bieber. However, looking deeper, I identified the positives behind this collab.

Justin Bieber is extremely popular in Canada and still a powerful brand among young adults. Besides, whoever follows the singer on social media knows how much he is a fan of Tim Hortons and Timbits - here's a great opportunity for a collab.

That said, I think the idea of releasing a new flavor in collaboration with one of the country's most beloved personalities was an excellent way to bring Tim Hortons closer to the younger consumers, especially on the verge of the Holiday season.

Timbiebs, a limited-edition of Timbits with three new flavors, will launch on November 29th at Tims restaurants across Canada and the United States. The Timbiebs was developed in a collaboration between the singer and Chef Tallis Voakes, Tim Hortons’ director of culinary innovation.

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Andre Havro, MBA

Havro helps young talents and entrepreneurs worldwide take their vision to new heights through his Digital Marketing Mentoring Program. He is a pioneer in the digital industry, a serial entrepreneur, and a marketing mentor who specializes in marketing strategy, branding, and digital marketing with over 25 years of experience on both the client and agency sides.

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