Mentoring & Advisory

Professional advice for individuals and advisory for companies.

I want to help you refine your digital strategy or better direct your career.

For marketing professionals who want a second opinion of an expert, I can analyze your strategy, clarify uncertainties, and refine what is necessary. Students and newly graduated are welcome! I can share my experience with you and provide valuable tips on how to be an outstanding digital marketing professional.

Voluntary Mentoring (free)

Why do I give you

free voluntary mentoring?

I opened my first company when I was a teenager. I identified the opportunity to repair my friends' surfboards. At that time, there was no one doing this in my neighborhood, and I recognized the opportunity to solve the problem of my friends. I also identified the demand of my target audience and created Lellus Surf at the age of 13. It wasn't a big deal, but I could take the weekend's money without asking my parents. The business was growing, and I was already expanding the mix, transforming broken surfboards into bodyboards and selling as remanufactured products. When an external factor came and broke the business, we had to move to another neighborhood.

Since then, I have had several businesses, from silkscreen company that sells T-shirts into school to the first print shop in the city at the age of 20. That later, together with a friend, I transformed into my first digital agency.

I failed a few times, closed some non-profitable businesses, changed the focus of some companies, and it was with the failures that I learned to undertake. I also missed some career opportunities because I was not prepared, even though I had the potential and skills to do so.

The mentor's goal is to provoke questions, contribute with new perspectives, share experiences, and provide relevant insights about the market, preventing new entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes they have made in the past.


That is why I set aside a few hours of my week to help you, giving back everything that I have already accumulated experience in my life, sharing my knowledge of over 20 years of experience in the marketing of multinationals and large marketing agencies.