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Digital Marketing Mentoring Program

This program is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to navigate the complex interplay of digital audience management. With an exclusive methodology, I help small business owners, influencers, and social media managers to engage with their followers.

One-on-One Mentoring & Advisory

Personal, individual & tailored advice.

I help small business owners, influencers, and social media managers to engage with their followers, sharing 25+ years of experience through my Digital Marketing Mentorship program.

Do my mentees experience incredible results? Absolutely. I am sure that my methodology works! Just read some testimonials here on this page. But I don't believe it's because of me. Everything is the result of collaborative work, developed with seriousness and respecting the limits and objectives of each person. Above all, the results are the fruit of whom my mentees have become after working together.


In my mentoring programs, we create a space for you to be in full ownership of who you are and confidently achieve the results you desire for yourself. I offer guidance, support, and resources for you to make decisions that are aligned with your career goals, so you can get back to feeling motivated, connected, and joyful in all that you do. 

Benefits for Entrepreneurs
and Professionals

Main transformations and improvements generated by Mentoring
Shorten paths and optimize resources

It's time to end the trial and error. I have over 25 years of experience, with many hits and misses to share with you. We will put together the best strategy for your business or career, with practical actions and 100% focused on concrete results.

Strategies applied to the digital environment

It sounds simple, but it's not. Many professionals, even the most experienced or those who position themselves on social media as "gurus" of digital marketing, fail in this first step. Get it right from the start, and you'll open the door to the broader world of marketing.

Master your content marketing strategy

All your customers are different and with specific needs and want. By identifying the real pains and needs of the target audience – and the transformation that your product or service offers, we will create communication with much more assertive deliveries.

Track and optimize your campaigns

Successful marketing depends on constant data analysis and interpretation. Therefore, marketing optimization is mandatory for each tactical action and must be part of your daily tasks.

Build relationships across your channels

It takes a lot of techniques to turn your profiles into business-generating channels. Together, we will identify which networks are most suitable for your brand and how they should communicate with your target to generate engagement and leads.

Learn how to appear on the first page of Google

With the proper marketing SEO techniques and strategies, your business will rank better in Google, generating more and better sales opportunities.

If these benefits sound helpful to you,
book a no-obligation conversation.

Up to two 60-minutes mentoring video calls a month

Sometimes mentoring calls don't reach the full hour if you don't feel like you need it, and sometimes on occasion, we will spend more than an hour together. Because the nature of our work is flexible and unique, I like to have freedom with what we do on calls based on what comes up for you. All calls will be over Google Meet or Zoom.

Unlimited access to me through Asana, WhatsApp, or Messenger

This is so great because no matter what's happening, what's coming up, or whenever it is, we get to work through it together.

Mentorship Details

VIP Access to the Mentee area in my site

You'll have access to everything I've created in the past and everything created during our time together.


About Me

I am a pioneer in the digital industry and a serial entrepreneur who specializes in strategy, branding, and digital marketing with over 25 years of experience on both the client and agency sides. With two MBA's degrees in Marketing Management and Marketing & Sales, and a Bachelor's in Mass Communication & Media Studies, I am sure that there is a lot of knowledge to help you.

In my career, I have worked with clients from diverse industries, including Sony, TIM Telecom, Second Cup Coffee Co., Pepsico, Palmer's Canada, and numerous other medians and small companies.

Connect With Havro

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Famous brands I've been blessed to work with

What You Need To Know
About Working Together

Working together is not like anything you've ever come across before. That's because my "process" has evolved from everything I've learned and my own experience as a marketer and client.

I believe in doing things in a way aligned with what my mentees need, which is far from a one size fits all approach.

I am your guide in our mentoring relationship with a roadmap of what is possible, and you are the driver.

I create an opportunity for you to be fully seen and heard for who you are and where you are positioned in your career right now, and I will always direct you to where you want to be.

By incorporating improvement concepts and routines and applying successful strategies, my guidelines will align with your routine, learning ability, and career goals. With guidance designed exclusively for you, you can truly become limitless.


What Do They Say

See the testimonial of those who have already accelerated results with my mentoring program.

I had the pleasure to work with Andre during the NPB mentorship program. He is an extremely knowledgeable digital marketer and has a passion for the industry. His talent and dedication as a mentor are truly inspiring and helped me a lot during my learning process.


Ana Rossi Lorenzon


Since beginning my work with Havro earlier this year, he has been an exemplary professional mentor. He exhibits a unique interest in my career, and her insights and direction are always on target.


Emilya Keller


I feel very supported in the achievement of my goals. Havro has been a vital resource to my marketing career, and I look forward to our continuing relationship. I have come to regard him as a valued friend and business advisor.


Noah Jones

United Kingdom

I hired Andre when I relocated to Toronto. He not only helped me settle into a new position, but his insights, great questions, and gentle prodding helped me speed up my knowledge. As a result, I can focus on what I do best. In addition, he helped to make a smooth career transition.


Juliana Mattos


Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level?

If it's time to take your skills to the next level, achieving greater results and professional recognition - and if you understand to accomplish that, you'll need expert guidance and accountability to help you accelerate your marketing career, we should talk.

The first conversation is on me, free of charge, but bring your questions and a tea!

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